Transition afternoon at Buttercup Primary

We planned a lovely transition afternoon for the children to meet their new teachers, classrooms and classmates for next year. The teachers spoke about preparing to move to a new class/year group. They discussed strategies to manage transitions between classes and key stages. In Key stage 2, teachers spoke about problem solving strategies for dealing […]

Walk around Brick Lane!

In our history lessons, we have been learning all about Britain since 1948. We took a trip down Brick Lane to look at the history there from the migration of the Bangladeshi community to the UK during the 1970s and learned about the contribution they made to the textiles and food industry. It was interesting […]

Year 3 and 4 Food and International week

For food and International week , children in Year 3 and 4 baked jacket potatoes! In English, the children are reading the book ‘The Tin Forest.’ It is a story about a man who lives in a junkyard, so we decided to link our English lessons -(to do with junk) to our Food week (linking […]

International day at Buttercup Primary!

We ended Food/International week with a bang. The children were invited to come to school dressed in special clothing in celebration of each other’s native cultural identity which was a beautiful way of showcasing their differences and teaching respect.  

Welcome to the Royal Buttercup Tea Party!

A very Royal British tea party at Buttercup Primary school

As part of the KS 1 History topic ‘Famous queens’, the Year 1 and 2 team recreated a royal afternoon tea party for the children to attend. The children leaned about the extravagant tea parties and garden parties the queens used to host and still host even today. So it was a  must to invite […]

The Year 1 and 2 royal tea party guests!

NSPCC assembly

The children at Buttercup watched the NSPCC Speak out, stay safe, pre-online assembly this week. 1 in 5 children in the UK have suffered abuse or neglect. That is why the NSPCC has been visiting primary schools across the UK and Channel Islands to teach children about what’s OK and not OK, and that they […]

Year 6 Careers day

As part of the Year 6 careers day initiative, the Year 6 children were given the opportunity to meet and interview 3 parents from different professions and fields of work. They met a detective from the MET police an electrician and a LND programme analyst. The parents spoke about their careers and how they reached […]

The Early Learning Goals

ELGS guide for parents no logo

Launch of recycling at Buttercup Primary school!

Our ECO ambassadors launched the Buttercup recycling campaign this week. The children have been introduced to our new recycling bins and have started to recycle their lunch contents into 3 categories, food waste, plastics and card and paper in the lunch hall. In sha Allah this will teach our children  to look after the environment […]


Sharing stories

The teachers at Buttercup swapped classes and shared their favourite stories with the children. There was great excitement around the school as stories were told. It was great to see the teachers spend time with the different year groups.  

Poetry day in EYFS

During Poetry Week, Early Years children enjoyed watching Michael Rosen perform his poem: Chocolate Cake. They really loved Michael’s expressive voice and facial gestures so much so that they too joined in with the actions such as licking the crumbs and eating the yummy cake. The children were in fits of laughter, especially at end […]

World Poetry day at Buttercup Primary

Book week dressing up day at Buttercup Primary!

Bookbike London

Emdad Rahman OBE kindly got in touch with the school and offered to gift us brand new books and stationary for the children to enjoy. Emdad is part of an amazing initiative that provides books to schools, vulnerable people and families at home to read. All these books are hand delivered by Emdad on his […]

First week after lockdown Alhamdulillah we are back! When we first heard schools were reopening, we all were very excited. We all preferred learning in person with our teacher than learning from the computer. The pandemic has effected us all and we found it very hard being at home without any visits by our friend […]