Workshop: ‘Slime Time’ –

The children were encouraged to explore the difference between physical and chemical reactions and the science behind a simple pot of slime. Children learnt about atoms, bonds and molecules and left the workshop with the ability to identify the difference and a pot of slime!

Workshop: ‘Dry Ice’-

Workshop: ‘Dry Ice’–  The children furthered their discovery between the different states of matter by exploring the processes of how one state can change into another and the scientific terms for this. They witnessed some of Mad Science’s favourite experiments with the introduction of Dry Ice. Bubbling potions and wispy waterfalls; this workshop sure did […]

Science week dressing up day!

Look at some of the amazing costumes designed and made by the children to celebrate the end of Science week at Buttercup Primary.

Solids, Liquids & Gases show Mad Science company

The children were introduced to the 3 different states of matter in a high-energy interactive show. Chris the scientist, showed the children the difference between the states of matter through exciting and fun experiments that engaged them all!

Science Week

Monday 20th January 2020 For Science Week, Year 3 and 4 had a visit from a parent who is an electrician. He spoke to the children about what he does and deals with on a day to day basis in his job. The parent discussed how electricity travels around and the different wires that are […]

Year 6 Parliament trip

Year 6 and the school councillors of Buttercup, visited the Parliament in Westminster to learn what takes place there and how it happens. They were able to sit in the different rooms in the house of Parliament and learn how bills and laws are passed. They even reenacted the different stages in creating a new […]

Year 5 trip to The Royal society of Chemistry

‘1001 Science Journeys from Alchemy to Chemistry’ event The Year 5 children had an amazing day at the Royal Society of Chemistry where they watched a live show about the famous Jabir ibn Hayyan and his successor, Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi, who developed new ways of classifying substances and organising chemical knowledge.  They then took […]

KS1 Trip to Discover Story Centre

On the 28th November 2019, KS1 took a trip to the Discover Children’s Story Centre in Stratford as part of their story-writing topic in English. They enjoyed dressing up as different characters and creating their very own stories with their friends.

Maths week KS1

During Maths Week, KS1 used their knowledge of various mathematical concepts to create gingerbread bears to sell in the food fair. They also enjoyed playing maths games with their friends and being able to apply their learning to real-life situations.

Pizza making in Year 5 and 6

During Maths week, the year 5 & 6 were using estimation to solve real life problems. They learnt the approximations of different weights and capacities to enable them to estimate the amount for each ingredient before actually measuring them. The question is how close were they in their estimations and how yummy were their pizzas?

Maths week

As part of Maths week, ‘Maths is everywhere,’ Year 3 & 4 learnt about ‘Data Handling.’ Their lessons revolved around real life Maths based activities where they conducted a survey on sweets and collected and gathered data from around the school, to find out which sweets were most popular amongst the students and which were […]

Maths hat competition– Maths week

We celebrated the end of Maths week with a bang! The children were invited to take part in a Maths hat competition to design and make their own hat inspired by the Maths topics they have been learning at school. We saw shape hats, number hats, time hats, weighing hats amongst others. We were really […]

Maths week– Food sale

Each class worked on a topic for Maths week. As a result of the learning, each class produced different food items to be sold in the food fair. Early years made fruit kebabs, Yr 1 and 2 made ginger bread cookies, Year 3 and 4 made sweet cones and Yr 5 and 6 made pizza. […]

Anti-Bullying Week KS1

For anti-bullying week KS1 did a variety of activities in order to understand how children can choose kindness in any and every case. Our main focus has been to see how change starts within ourselves and how our own actions have a knock-on effect on how we interact with others. Some of these activities included: […]

Trip to the William Morris Gallery

Year 5 & 6 had a fantastic time at the William Morris Gallery, learning about creating patterns through block printing as the famous British artist William Morris from Walthamstow once did. In DT the children have been exploring textiles and patterns which has enabled them to now create their own patterns on accessories as part […]

Choose Kindness anti bullying day at Buttercup Primary school

For anti bullying day we invited the children to show an act of kindness by bringing an extra piece of fruit to share with their class. We had an overwhelming response and ended up having a fruit party in every class! The children watched videos about anti bullying week and discussed ways in which we […]

Year 3 and 4 nature walk in Swedenborg gardens

The Year 3 & 4  took part in a nature walk in Swedenborg Gardens with a local organisation (Nature and US). The children had a short talk with the leaders and then began their walk. They discovered various insects such as ladybirds, spiders and worms. They found out that all male spiders die in the […]