Year 5 & 6 Cambridge University Visit – 13th July 2017

This week Year 5 & 6  had the opportunity to visit Cambridge, one of Britain’s most famous universities. Cambridge University is home to over 18,000 students and each student is placed in one of the 31 colleges. We visited Clare College. We found out that  took over 200 years to build! It was completed under the reign of King Henry VIII. We learnt that university students don’t have a school day like we do, instead students have to control their own timetable and are responsible for making sure their work is completed. When you go to  university, you choose one subject to study!

It was wonderful to be able to walk through buildings and experience an exclusive seminar on Earth’s History delivered by Nigel Woodcock  where students have been taught for over 800 years. The trip has inspired the class to consider their  aspirations and what they want to achieve in their lives. Everyone enjoyed the day!

here are the highlights !