Year 3 and 4 trip to Kew Gardens

Year 3 and 4 visited Kew Gardens as part of their science topic on how plants grow as well as our current Topic subject on Where does our food come from? The children had an amazing time and had an unforgettable experience seeing plants and trees they have never seen before including some of the rarest plants in the world. The children were very inspired by one of the artists as we explored the Marianne North gallery, a woman who travelled in 18th Century alone investigating the art of plants and she bought a piece of every part of the world with her in her gallery showing the true beauty of the world and Allah’s creations. Children explored all the unique trees and plants and saw The Hive, a structure built to look like a giant beehive. Luckily it didn’t rain till the end and the children were buzzing as we left the gardens!