Upon having a child accepted for the School, the parent, is asked to agree to their child being photographed on occasion by a member of staff or individual validated by the School.  This enables the school to proceed with the taking of photographs for publicity shots, special occasions such as Eid , trips and for a catalogue of your child’s progress and development. Every parent has the right to refuse this request, in which case the child must not be photographed by any member of staff, by a parent, or by any outsider without the express permission for that occasion of the parent.
Pictures of children may be used as part of the publicity of the School , on the  web site, newsletters, advertising or local press but will not be made available to anyone in a digital form to copy.  Where pictures are made available to the press or television, they will not be released with the names of the child unless the contracting parent gives express permission for this to be done. Like wise if a child expresses that they do not wish to have their photo taken, even if parents has given permission, the child’s wishes will be respected.
In house use of photographs
Photographs will be used in the nursery and gardens for displays and to show the children’s achievements so they feel valued. The School can not be held responsible for any photographs or camcorder footage taken by parents at School functions such as plays, parties etc.
School photographer
Once or twice a year we will have a professional photographer at each setting. We inform every parent of the event and ask whether they wish their childs photo to be taken or not. The photographer will be from a reputable company and they will hold the copyright to the pictures taken.
Copies of child’s photos
In addition many parents often request copies of photographs of their child taken during group activities. Some of these photographs may include your child however if you do not wish for this to happen speak to our nursery manager and we will use our discretion in such matters.
Children’s development
Often, staff take photographs of the children, to show parents and future carers a practical development that your child has made. This is collected and used in your child’s development file or book. After reading this policy please sign below to tell us if we have your permission to photograph your child whilst at nursery for the reasons stated above. Please note: Parents/Carers will be find a copy of this policy, and the opportunities to make their views known to us, within their ‘welcome pack’.