In Our Care – Ill Children

Procedure to follow if a child in our care is taken ill

1) Assess the child’s condition and ensure the room leader and manager know the situation.

2) Make sure all children are being supervised whilst one staff member attends to the sick child.

3) Inform the child’s parents of the situation, so that they can obtain proper medical advice as necessary.

4) If parents can not be reached use the emergency contact details on the child’s registration form, located in the office.

5) If no one can be reached, continue trying all numbers given until you are successful.

6) One staff member must stay with the sick child and continually monitor any changes.

7) If a child has a temperature, keep checking their temperature every 10 minutes. Record their temperature on the child medicine form, stored in the child’s folder.

8) Steps to take if a child has a temperature are:

  • Give cool water to drink.
  • Undress them.
  • Fan them.
  • Sponge them down, using tepid water NOT cold water.
  • Ensure room temperatures are appropriate and cool if not.
  • Contact their parent/carer.


9) If a child is being sick, ensure there is an appropriate receptacle for them to be sick in.

Any spillages must be cleaned up immediately, using proper protective clothing.

All equipment used to clear up spillage must be put into the clinical waste bin.

10) Arrange for the child to be collected by a parent/carer as soon as possible.

11) If the child’s condition is of significant concern an ambulance must be called, dial 999 and ask for ambulance.

Give the nursery name address and as much information about the situation as possible to the emergency services.

12) Contact head office and inform them of the situation.

13) If a child’s parent/carer has not arrived at the setting and the emergency services wish to take them to hospital a member of staff will accompany them and take all relevant information about the child with them.

14) Keep the child’s parents/carer’s informed and let them know where and when their child will be taken.

15) The child remains under our care until their parents/carer’s are with the child.

16) If no one can be contacted ensure someone is continually trying until successful.

17) Record an account of every step of action that was taken for our records/future information.