Children and their families

Buttercup Primary is committed to providing equal opportunities for all children regardless of their race, culture, religion, language or ability.  Children of both sexes are positively encouraged to participate in all activities.

We positively welcome children and their families of all races, languages, beliefs and backgrounds and strive to provide all children with positive self-images and values and to help them feel included.

Buttercup Primary promotes positive recognition, understanding, knowledge and celebration of differences.

  • Toys and equipment are chosen with the differing needs of the children in mind.
  • Displays will show and reflect a positive image towards the world in which we live.
  • Books are chosen to meet all the children’s ages and abilities and to reflect the many differing lifestyles in society.
  •  Home corners will be changed in the Early Years regularly to show different cultures, races and the world around us.

We will ensure that the opportunities and activities in the learning environment are available to all children and their families.

We will, where possible, help children with disabilities to integrate into the Early Years and will support their learning.


It is the Schools policy to positively value and respect people regardless of their gender, ethnic origins/racial groups, religions, cultures and linguistic backgrounds.  Members of staff are employed because of their knowledge, qualifications and expertise and because they are considered to be the best person for the job.