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Please note if you have used Google to find our site and it has stated that we are closed, this is incorrect. Our site at Greenfield Street is closed. Buttercup has relocated  to 181 Cannon Street Road, London E1. We are currently trying to rectify this issue with Google.


Buttercup Primary School aims to be a welcoming centre of learning in which Islamic education can flourish. Muslim values, principles and standards lie at the heart of our education alongside a strong recognition of world faiths and the multicultural society in which we live.


Vision:  Our vision is to develop a Muslim generation capable of analytical and critical thinking who become Muslims by conviction and who will strive to fulfill their role as Allah’s vicegerent on earth.


IMG_0459At Buttercup Primary School we believe in stimulating and encouraging our pupils to think rationally and promote an enquiring mind.  We believe in responding to the natural inquisitiveness of children by building on pupils’ strengths, interests, and experiences, and thus develop their confidence in their capacity to learn, overcome weaknesses, and succeed in working independently   and collaboratively.


Our excellent facilities and resources develop enjoyment and pleasure in learning and promote the personal development of our pupils both spiritually and socially to become well-rounded individuals who are able to make a valuable contribution to Society.


The School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. In order to ensure this our recruitment and selection policy is in accordance with local and national guidelines.IMG-20151005-WA0002IMG-20151005-WA0003








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