Maths Week -27th November to 1st December 2017

This Year during maths week everyone at Buttercup had been planning on a spectacular maths event. From hats competition to projects!

The Early years unit explored the ocean ,counted fish and learnt about the different size and weight of sea life creatures that exist under water.

Ks1 and Ks2 took part in an event that covered a mixture of Dragon’s den, and the Apprentice. The children were divided into groups to present a pitch to the Dragons in a bid to gain some money for their investment for which they believed would bring in a lot of profit from the enterprise day on Friday.

The children learnt to work together to research, market and sell a product to the staff, parents and pupils  in order to make the most amount of money possible . The winning team was the team who made the most money from the Apprentice sale as well as the team who managed to gain the most investments from the Dragons.

All the money made by the teams will go towards new maths resources for the school.

This years math week was aimed and designed to teach the children new skills in enterprise and extend their mathematical abilities. During this week the children had the chance to :

–  take on a particular role/responsibility within the group, which include; Project manager, Finance Manager, Marketing Executive, Chief buyer and Presentation Co-ordinator

– Conduct market research and use their findings to identify their product

– Set budgets and create spreadsheets for costs; calculate their total expenditure, ensuring they keep within their budget

– Organise a marketing campaign and advertising

– Sell a product and enhance their sales through their selling strategies,

promotions and marketing

– Develop problem solving and communication skills

– Create and present a presentation about their project

The teams held a successful presentation on Wednesday to convince all three dragons of their product . The Dragons held a total of £60 .

Throughout the week the children have shown real enthusiasm exploring and learning maths in  everyday situations and have already shown great entrepreneurial abilities and creative ideas. There are many Alan Sugars in the making here at Buttercup! We can’t wait for next years event!


Here are the highlights….