Calendar for Home Learning

Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Competitions
We are launching three fantastic competitions this term with amazing prizes to be won.

* First prize : Tablet computer
* Second prize: Mystery hamper
* Third prize: A selection of books

Judging criteria:

*Muazzin / Adhaan: You have to memorise the Adhaan and recite it in a beautiful way:
*You will be judged on:
*Accuracy, Pronounciation, Style Good delivery, Impact on listeners.

*Qur’an: You can choose either. surah or an ayah.
*You will be judged on:
*Nursery/Reception: memorisation
*Y1-2: Memorisation, Style and rhythm.
*Y3-6: Memorisation, Style and rhythm and Tajweed.

Khutbah/Naseehah: You will be able choose a topic that Ustaadh will set for you on a Thursday home learning session.
*You will be judged on:
*Public speaking skills: body language, confidence, articulacy, expression and content.

You will need to record a video or audio and send in your written script for the Naseehah/ Khutbah. Your recording of the Qur’an recitation can be in audio only as well.
Recording will only seen by school leaders. Winners will be contacted through  your parent’s email address.

5 20/04/2020
Summer Term 1 begins
21/04/2020 22/04/2020 23/04/2020

Digital Assembly

Launch of Muazzim Competition
6 27/04/2020 28/04/2020 29/04/2020 30/04/2020 01/05/2020
Launch of Khutbah (boys) Naseehah (girls) Competition 
7 04/05/2020 05/05/2020 06/05/2020 07/05/2020
Launch of Qur’an recitation competition
Early May
Bank Holiday

8 11/05/2020 12/05/2020 13/05/2020 14/05/2020 15/05/2020
9 18/05/2020 19/05/2020 20/05/2020 21/05/2020 22/05/2020
10 May Half Term 25/5/2020 – 29/5/2020
The above calendar projects a seven week plan so that you can prepare your child/ren to support them in their digital home learning. Parents will be notified by phone from the school admin when the government lifts the temporary restrictions on schools.

Please note that staff will be contacting children for registration every day during the digital learning period. They will also be providing one to one tuition with your child every afternoon.

Watch our first online assembly