Guess what I am?

Guess what I am?

My home is the bottom of someone’s meaningful heart.

Born from the thought of someone’s pondering brain.

Begun from someone’s lyrical words.

And then formed from a writers enchanted pen, I came.

Guess what I am?

From the top of the Azure sea.

To the bottom of someone’s soft heart.

Travelling the world North to South.

I can be recited from one’s mouth.

Guess what I am?

Altering from the deep ocean to dry land.

Deep memories I could deliver.

Meanings that will touch your heart.

Or break it all apart.

Guess what I am?

We are all different… but the same.

Some full of love, some full of shame.

We can represent something sad.

Or something you might have had.

Guess what I am?

Some can show feeling.

Others can show meaning.

Guess what I am?

I am a poem.

By Adibah Azad

I am a poem 

I am a poem,

sitting in an author’s creative mind,

being written gradually on paper,

ready to be read by people.

Different people read me,

I can see that they are rapidly learning new things,

which makes me feel valued,

and I feel as though I have a purpose.

I provide knowledge to the world and plant new ideas into their brains.

Scratch, scratch is what I hear as my master carefully adds to me,

how great it is to be, a poem like me.

By Omar Saleh