Celebrating end of term achievements

This term we have been encouraging children to become confident public speakers. Every Friday, The boys  and girls in upper key stage 2 have the opportunity to take part in performing the Kuthba (For public proclaiming in the Islamic tradition) for the boys, and Naseeha  (Giving advice )for the girls.

Children are encouraged to plan and write down what they want to share with the congregation. They have to work on projecting their voices and getting their message across with clarity. We are pleased to say that this kind of public speaking has made a positive impact on the confidence of the children and we hope to continue to support this initiative.

We have been encouraging the upper and lower KS 2 boys to perform the Adhaan (Call to pray) at Dhuhur time.  This practice has really made an impact on the confidence  of these boys as they have had to stand in front of everyone and perform the Adhaan in Arabic using the correct techniques of pronunciation . We have seen  so much enthusiasm amongst the boys  who want to have a go and participate.