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Year 3 and 4 visit to Pizza Express – 13th November 2018

This week, Year 3 and 4 visited Pizza Express. Children were given instruction for health and safety and then began learning how to make a pizza. They were shown how to knead the dough and add the tomato pasata sauce. They were then given toppings to add to their own pizzas. The class had a […]

Year 5/6 Oxford University Trip

The year 5 & 6 spent the day at Wadham College, which is one of the many colleges that belong to Oxford University; and that dates as far back as the beginning of the 10th century! We were thrilled to take part in a science experiment and sample what it is like to take part […]

Black History month assembly at Buttercup Primary

As part of Black history week, the children learnt about the lives of Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela and the Windrush generation and the contribution they made in fighting for black peoples’ rights. We had a lovely assembly today where children from each class performed a presentation on a famous black person/generation they had been studying […]

National poetry day at Buttercup

The children and adults shared and performed their favourite poems to celebrate National poetry day. Some children wrote their own poems and performed them in front of an audience. We have some amazing poets in our school!    

Trip to Royal Observatory in Greenwich – October 2018

The Year 5 and 6 visited The Royal Observatory in Greenwich. There we had a chance to experience the universe (or at least a part of it!) at the Planetarium and explore the world of astronomy. We also had a chance to stand on the Meridian Line!  

Road safety – September 2018

Buttercup primary welcomed PC John who is a police constable officer for Tower Hamlets  to do a presentation on road safety and E-safety. He covered important reminders about how to cross the road in different situations e.g. how to cross the road where there is no crossing. He showed examples of how to wear a […]

EYFS Transport trip – July 2018

This summer term the children learnt about transport. They looked at buses, trains and boats. The children also went on a trip to experience travelling on different transport, including the exciting cable cars. Come and take a look…     

Trip to Cambridge University – July 2018

As part of our aiming high and raising aspirations for our pupils at Buttercup, the school took the year 6 pupils to the very famous and prestigious Cambridge University. The pupils visited Clare’s College and had a tour around the university campus. Pupils met students who studied there and learnt a bit about university life. […]

Fitzgerald museum Cambridge University – 11th July 2018

This year in Cambridge University the children had a creative literacy lesson at the university’s finest museum hall .’Fitzgerald Museum ‘ The children worked in groups looking carefully at original historic art pieces painted by famous painters such as De Vinci . The two painters and paintings that they analysed were by Alrfred Elmore  and […]

Year 6 First Aid training day 2018

Year 6 were taught important first aid skills that will help them in the future. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed practising CPR and all gained a basic first aid certificate.  

Year 3 and 4 trip to The Soanes Centre

As part of their Science topic Habitats, the students went to the cemetery park which boasts  a wealth of diverse habitats, including open grassy glades, deciduous woodlands and freshwater. The children experienced a rich variety of plants and animals and they conducted a survey of the flora and fauna of 2 different habitats.  

Year 5 trip to The Natural History Museum

The Year 5 children went to the David Attenborough studio at The Natural History Museum and took part in a workshop that looked at classifying organisms. All living organisms are  classified into groups based on very basic, shared characteristics. Organisms within each group are then further divided into smaller groups. The children looked at clues […]