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Anti-Bullying Week

Thursday 19th November 2020 Anti-Bullying Week   LO: To think about what bullying is and how to help yourself or others who are being bullied. For anti-bullying, children engaged in various activities such as: Identifying different types of bullying l end a hand activity – children identified their support network through a framework- who they […]

Anti-bullying campaign at Buttercup

Wear green and don’t be mean! Anti-bullying campaign at Buttercup This year we have decided to remember Anti bullying day as ‘Kindness day’ to encourage and teach children to always be kind and respect each other. We discussed ways In which we could spread kindness through our actions and words. On Friday 20th November, for […]

Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Week During anti-bullying week, in EYFS we talked about the different types of bullying and how it can make us feel sad and upset. We drew a helping hand to remind us of all different adults that children can go to if we are ever worried about anything. We watched a power point on […]

Anti- Bullying Class Poem By Year 5 and 6

Anti- Bullying Class Poem By Year 5 and 6 Bullying is what we hate Bullying is not our fate Why are bullies here No one should shed a tear   Bullies are bad They make people sad If they have rage Lock them in a cage   Any bullying should not be allowed No one […]

Voting day at Buttercup Primary school

On Friday 9th October the children at Buttercup primary school had the opportunity to cast their vote and have a say in who they want to represent them in the school council. It was a difficult decision for them as all the candidates were so deserving. They also experienced what democracy looks like when you […]

Pioneering personalities: Year 1/2

As part of pioneering personalities week, year one and two were involved in activities based on their assigned person, Diana Spencer. During the week, the children were able to familiarise themselves with Diana and who she was. Our activity included crown making, which allowed the children to make their own crowns using borders and designing/painting/colouring/sticking […]

Pioneering personalities week in EYFS

For Pioneering Personalities Week, in EYFS we celebrated the theme of “My Mother” because as our Prophet Muhammed (SAW) reminds us in this Hadith, she has a unique status: A man came to the Prophet and said, ‘O Messenger of God! Who among the people is the most worthy of my good companionship? The Prophet […]

Pioneering Personalities week at Buttercup

As part of their homework, children were given the task to create posters and fact sheets about their special pioneering personality. Year 3/4 researched about Abdullah Quilliam and Year 5/6 researched about Mansa Musa. Here are some of the wonderful work that were produced by the children.

Fire safety in Year 3/4

Children from year 3&4 have been engaging in various activities relating to fire safety for this week’s theme- safety week.  They learnt and recorded key information about how to stay safe from fires and how to prepare for an emergency fire. The children also created posters of the fire safety rules given by the fire brigade. […]

Safety Week: Year 5/6

During safety week, year 5 and 6 researched safety online and began reading a book on online safety. For PSHE, children were set a task to create a poster/ leaflet providing advice on how to stay safe whilst using the internet and other social media sites. As a class we debated on issues such as […]

Safety Week – Year 1/2

Children were asked about ‘stranger danger’, how to understand and spot a stranger and how to react in the safest and most appropriate way without panic. The class teachers acted out a scenario where they approached a child as a stranger, the children were able to identify the importance of not speaking to strangers and […]

Safety week—Guided reading at Buttercup 28th—2nd October 2020

As part Safety week, children in Key stage 2 were given special ‘Safety’ related books to read and discuss in guided reading. The books covered topics on road safety, bullying, online     safety and cyber bullying. The children enjoyed the activities in the books and were able to identify the dangers that could be avoided with […]

Safety week in EYFS

During safety week we learned about the new nasty germ, the corona virus. We now know why it is important to wash our hands with soap for 20 seconds, so that germs are washed away. The children had fun helping to make slime and pretending they was germs. They washed their hands with soap for […]

Book exchanging at buttercup

The children were encouraged to bring a used book from home to exchange with other members of their class. This way children got to take home a new book to enjoy, but without paying for it!

Reading around the school!

The Year 3 and 4 children came down to the Year 1 and 2 class and spent time reading to the younger children. They were put into pairs. The Year 1 and 2 children also got the opportunity to read to the older children. It was fantastic to see how well the Year 3 and […]

Scholastics book fair at Buttercup

We invited the Scholastics book fair to the school to encourage children to buy and read books of their choice. There was a choice of fiction, non fiction and stationary items to choose from. It was great to see the enthusiasm shown by the children, many went home with a book that the were interested […]